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Shinobigami "I Missed The Kickstarter" Preorder - All PDFs/Electronic Only



Once you purchase this product, you will get a confirmation email with a PDF file of instructions: They will instruct you to join a (totally spam free) email list for Shinobigami Updates. You MUST join this list to receive regular "Kickstarter Level" updates on the project, beta files and the like. If you do not join the email list, you will not receive any notification of product releases, just the download codes. Please understand this, and proceed.


From the Shinobigami Kickstarter Page (CLICK HERE to review the Kickstarter Campaign details):

"Shinobigami rulebooks (the core and supplement books) in PDF/electronic format. You also receive access to all the planned electronic format expansion material, including scenarios, setting reskins, the Director's Cut book, print-and-play card sets, chibi character sets, and all stretch goal material."

The estimated delivery for the final PDF of Book one is December 2017
The estimated delivery for the final PDF of Book two is mid 2018
The estimated delivery of the supplemental scenarios and materials is between late 2017 and mid 2018 (they'll be released in waves)