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Tenra Bansho Zero - HARDCOVER Book Set [LIMITED EDITION] (includes PDF copy)


Tenra Bansho Zero is available for worldwide purchase at Indie Press Revolution! Here's the direct link:

Once Indie Press Revolution sells out their stock, it's gone forever.

Thank you so much for your interest!


This special package includes:

* The full set of PDFs (full production PDF set with art, and text-only easy-to-read/reference PDF set)
* A set of 5 postcards that features player rules (4 featuring the Aiki/Kiai drama rules, one for each player; and the 5th features the "Emotion Matrix" table)
* A 32-page introductory full-color comic book, featuring the color introductory setting pages from the setting book (to pass around to other players, to understand the basics of the setting).

And of course, the books themselves:
* A 240-page full-color red glossy hardcover setting book, in comic book size, featuring the details of the world of Tenra and the characters that live within. This book features an abstract kongohki cover.
* A 450-page black and white black glossy hardcover rules book, in comic book size, featuring the rules of the game, character-specific rules, and large amounts of advice designed to help you get into running or playing the game quickly. This book features an abstract ninja cover.


TENRA BANSHO ZERO is a Japanese Storytelling Game (Tabletop RPG) of "Hyper-Asian Fantasy"(in Inoue-sensei's own words), a game of personal drama, blood, and steel. Conceived, designed and illustrated by famous manga author Junichi Inoue (and featuring gorgeous art from illustrators Hiroyuki Ishida, Rasenjin Hayami and others), Tenra Bansho Zero is one of the most well-received and recognized "Made in Japan" tabletop role-playing games, featuring rules that emulate a kubuki-style play or anime drama.

On a distant world in the far future, the Sengoku (Feudal/Warring States) period of Japan is happening all over again- But this time with high-tech weapons, magically powered mecha, taoist magic masters, super-powered samurai, and more!

The focus of the game is on acting out the characters, their backgrounds, and their destiny in the world of Tenra. The players get bonus points by acting in character and entertaining the other players, which can be spent to boost powers and gain abilities. Creativity, energy, and comraderie is physically rewarded in the game. Spend these gains recklessly, though, and you lose control of your character as they spiral down the Path of the corrupt Asura.

Finally, TBZ is a fast RPG. It was designed to play out like a theatrical production, complete with Scenes, Acts, Intermissions and Coming Attractions. And like a play or movie, an entire story or campaign can play out in its entirety within one or two 4-6 hour gaming sessions.


While the books boast almost 700 pages together, because of the form factor (American comic book/graphic novel), and incredible amounts of art (over 300 unique pieces), the actual rules and setting text required to understand the game and play are few:
* The setting is quickly explained in a 32-page full-color manga format, full of visual impact.
* The core rules of the game are explained in 6 full-page manga strips, and most of the data is play advice.
* Altogether, the raw text of both books fit on 150 A4/Letter-sized sheets of paper, but only about 20 of those pages are required reading to run or play the game.

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